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ORMS is set up to allow initial access to the Primary Contact by utilizing the information that is reported by ICANN.  The Primary Contact may authorize other associates access however, for the security of your registrar information, we recommend a limited number be allowed to use ORMS. 

Registrars can request the signature of Senior Staff or other authorized contacts within ORMS for completing the Agreements that are required for accreditation with any of PIR's TLDs.  Authorized contacts are names that each registrar identifies in the Manage Contacts tab.

The application process consists of three steps:

1) Documentation; provide a list of contact who will be able to conduct business on behalf of the registrar, including technical and financial questions.

2) OT&E testing; demonstrate your capability to interact with the registry

3) Fund your account; you will register domain names using a balance that you maintain

These steps can be done at your own pace.  You will determine the time it takes to complete your application.  PIR has made the application process as easy as possible for registrars by providing this online system. 

Please contact the Registry Services Team at [email protected] for assistance at any time.


PIR's Registry Services and Customer Operations team is available to assist you at [email protected].

Once you have identified your authorized contacts, they will be able to reach out to the Technical Support team with any technical questions: 

Email:  [email protected]

Toll Free: +1.855-373-0347

Chat: (login is required)

The status bar is a quick way for you to see where you are in the application process and what your next steps are.